Returning to School in March

 Monday 1st March, all pupils from Junior Infants to Second Class returned to school.This was a really exciting and welcome event in the lives of all involved, pupils, teachers, and parents.

 Now, following government review and approval, two weeks later, on Monday March 15th, pupils in Third to Sixth classes will also return. In order to ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible, and above all, to ensure the ongoing safety of all members of the school community, we would like to draw your attention to the following important documents. 

Our ‘Updated   School Reopening Plan for full return of Pupils  can be accessed on our site under Parents and Newsletters or by clicking below:

We are aware that this is a long and comprehensive document, however, we would urge all parents to read it carefully so as to fully inform themselves of the changes to routines and protocols regarding our safe return to school. 

You will also know that all parents are asked to fill in ( for each of their children) a “return to school declaration” prior to their child returning to the classroom. This form has been messaged to  you by Mr Liddane  and must be completed.

Below you will find  a link to a helpful Youtube information video for all pupils returning to school. It is titled for Juniors to second but is equally relevant to pupils of all years. 

Video Link – 

 We are conscious that there is a lot of information within these documents but we would ask you to become familiar with them.  

Above all we are so excited to be able to welcome our wonderful pupils back to the school next week. We acknowledge and appreciate the wonderful work and support that has been carried out by pupils, parents and teachers during the last nine weeks. We ask that we all continue to work together to keep each other safe so that our school can remain open to support you, your children and the Community of St Patrick’s.