Active School Flag Initiatives

Active Slogan

Our whole school took part in creating and choosing our Active School Slogan ‘Let’s Jump, Let’s Run, Let’s Have Some Fun!’.

Active Breaks

We took part in the ‘Active Break Challenge Everyday’. Our Active School Committee came up with these ‘Active Break Ideas’ on lollipop sticks for classes to use as inspiration. Classes logged their Active Breaks on a chart in their classroom.

Run Around Ireland Challenge

Each class is taking part in our Run Around Ireland Challenge. The Active School Committee have provided each class with charts to mark their progress and they occasionally use the school intercom to encourage everyone to keep up the good work. 

Feel Good Friday

‘Feel good Friday’ has become a familiar feature in our school. Our Fridays have been filled with skipping, running, dancing and other challenges. When we see the speaker being rolled out to the yard at breaktime you can be guaranteed to see the many dance battles and great dance moves coming out. Music on the yard has been a big hit.

Playground Leaders

Our playground leaders have been doing a great job setting up games and managing equipment on the playground. They encourage all children to become involved and more active during playtime. Keep up the good work boys.

Active Committee

Our Active School Committee have been working very hard throughout the year organising challenges and activities. 

Active School Week 2023

We held our Active School Week from the 1st – 5th of May. It was a great success and both teachers and students enjoyed it immensely. Everyone wore their tracksuits for the week and completed some Active Homework. The week was thoroughly enjoyable and reminded us of the importance of staying fit and healthy. We learned that there are many different ways to be active even if it is something as simple as getting out for a walk. Well done to all boys and teachers who participated in our Active School Week this year. 

Table Tennis Take Over

We kicked off the week with a Table Tennis Take Over. Our table tennis sets were put to good use and each class came out to show off their skills. Our Active School Committee set up  a mixture of games including table tennis, yard tennis and football tennis. It was fantastic. 

Active Walkway Challenges

Our new Active Walkway was put to excellent use during the week. It was a massive hit. Pupils and teachers enjoyed following the new trail and taking part in the orienteering challenges. This is a super resource which links activity and exercise with; Maths challenges, English challenges, Geography challenges, mindfulness and much more. 


We held our big athletics day on Garryowen Green. The mixture of competitive and fun races ensured that everyone was able to take part and enjoy themselves. Our Active School Committee laid out our track and benches for spectators. We saw fantastic sportsmanship as everyone cheered each other on. Boys took part in sprints, relays, long distance runs and the long jump. Winners qualified to represent our school in the UL Athletics competition later in the month. We had a lot of tired but happy faces at the end of the day. 

Run Around Ireland Challenge

Our Run Around Ireland Challenge continued throughout Active School Week. It was great to see all classes clock up the kilometers on their daily runs.

Wake Up Shake Up

Our Active School Committee kept everyone on their toes with Active Lines. ASF committee members led the exercise getting our hearts pumping before returning to class refreshed.

Pump up the Volume

During a very entertaining dance off we saw amazing moves from the boys of St. Patrick’s Boys NS. We saw the Cha Cha slide, Rock the Boat, the Griddy and lots of other dance moves being displayed. It was fantastic

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